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 Posted: Sun Nov 30th, 2008 01:07 am
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My tradition? Family.

An aunt with whom we often had Christmas dinner cooked a goose. When we didn't go there, we did something, almost anything together. (Unless you can call rommegrot and lefse and lutefisk a tradition.) Some years were lean and some were a bit better, so an actual, always tradition is vague.

As everyone in my family is scattered from Boston to Seattle, we settle for an annual reunion. Sorry. No Christmas tradition here. It's catch as catch can. Lately, my kids to their in-laws and roll around in their spouses traditions. Dear One and I have been going to one of her nieces (it's an overnighter) to just schmooze with her family. (We schmooze with mine at the reunion.)

I have a brother in Boise, a brother in Pierre, and a brother near Hamburg. My sisters live in or near Sioux Falls. I have a nephew in Seattle, a nephew in Raleigh-Durham, two nieces near Minneapolis and another in Phoenix, and a nephew near Boston. Even the family thing is getting difficult.

Guess the bottom line is that, in the early years, we didn't have the wherewithall to do anything consistently enough to make a tradition.

Although one of Dear One's nieces has a time-share near Sarasota, Florida where they are building their own tradition.


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