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 Posted: Sun Nov 30th, 2008 05:12 am
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One of my treasured memories as a child of Christmas time was Amal and the Night Visitors on Television.  A few years ago  in Visalia a verision of Amal was done at the local Fox Theatre.  I went with friends that lived up there.  It is about a four hour drive from my home to Visalia.  I sat there in the theatre enchanted by the story as I did when I was a child.  I realized too I knew most of the words to the opera . 

One of my family traditions too was putting money in the Salvation Army Bell Ringers pot.  I loved the giving part of Christmas as much as the getting.  I pulled into the parking lot of my local grocery last week and there he was a bell ringer.  I emptied my cup holder of all my spare change and dropped it in  I walked away grinning as I did when I was a child.

One of our family traditions was each year to add a new ornament to the tree .  Mom would take my brother and I shopping for one ornament .  They always had to be the same type ornament , just different color or style .  It started when my father's boss's wife made us each a Christmas ornament with our names and the date on them.  I still have mine but sadly my brother lost his when his dog knocked their tree over a few years ago.   One of our favorites was birds.  That year not only did we each get a bird our best friends, the Goodhue children got birds.  Our mothers did everything together.  The girls got bluebirds and the boys got parrots.  One Goodhue boy was not born yet and when he was older he complained he didn't have a bird.  Turned out worked well for him,  He got a huge bird instead of a small parrot !!

For years I have continued the tradition with my brothers children buying each of them an ornament to add to their tree. They are now adults and have quite a collection.


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