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 Posted: Sun Nov 30th, 2008 09:29 pm
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Sorry to diappoint, Joe. However, I only dislike the STRAIGHT sauerkraut--the kind with the white wine, juniper berries, and bacon added is way better. I'm sure that's not very Dutchy of me, but I've found that many things go down easier with some white wine. . .

As for the Lebanon bologna horseradish rolls, look at it this way: there'll be more of them in the world for you if I don't eat my share. I can send you some after Christmas. I'm sure I won't even have to pay extra to have them refridgerated for the trip!

What I remember about Hess' at Christmas is my grandmother taking me every year a couple weeks before the holiday to eat lunch at the Patio--and letting me eat Strawberry Pie as my whole lunch, if I wanted!


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