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 Posted: Mon Dec 1st, 2008 08:25 pm
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every year the entire family gets together and goes to my grandparents house and eats and opens presents from the family on Christmas Eve and we dont leave until 12 at night (when i was younger we'd stay half the night but as the folks get older they caint stay up as long as me without any sleep) then one of us invite the grandparents for breakfast on Christmas day and they come to all our houses and see what Santa left us. then on Christmas night we all go back to my grandparents house and play games all night.

i get a Christmas ornament every year. mom has gotten me one every year sense i was born. last year it was a baby squirrel in a swing that looks like a walnut and this year it was an acorn. i love squirrels!!! and we do a fake tree. something about hot lights and a cut tree inside the house that just dont mix.

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