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 Posted: Tue Aug 15th, 2006 05:42 pm
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Not flying the flag for the reasons mentioned is a choice (and one I respect); however, in flying it, we give ourselves and those around us, a reason to remember the things and people that made, and continue to make, this nation great. It reminds us of the past, the mistakes that we've made, and how and why those mistakes were made. Flying it also reminds us of of the good things that this nation has done, not only for itself, but for other nations as well. Flying it gives us the opportunity to teach others a bit about our history and heritage. Speaking for myself, as a historian and hobbyist, I am obligated to teach when the opportunity rises, and, given the chance, I will create that opportunity rather than keep it hidden.

No, I have not shed blood, mine or another person's, under any flag. But members of my family have, since before the United States was created. My ancestors have given me the right to remember and honor them. They have passed to me a torch of pride, honor and dignity for the things that they've done and the beleifs and principles that they stood for. They sacrificed and stood tall. Because of them, I may never have to sacrifice; but I can certainly stand tall and fly the flag for them, for our past and for a belief in the future.

Albert Sailhorst, Scott's Battery

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