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 Posted: Thu Dec 4th, 2008 12:41 am
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Pam when I was a child there was a doll that came out called a Saucy Walker. The first doll that you could hold it's hands and make it walk. Everyone wanted one. My best friend and I both asked for one for Christmas. She got one. I got instead a Susie Walker --- cheap imitation . My mother told me that Santa thought I would like one with my name instead of the popular one everyone else was getting.

Now to tell you about this doll. She had braids and when you unbraided them you realized her hair was sewed down so there was two clumps of hair that had been braided. This hair would work it's way out of the stitches and looked horrible. She also didn't walk very well. Oh and the best part her head kept falling off. The hair I cut soon after I got her . The head was another story. Mom kept putting it back on. I called this doll the Doll from Hell.

Now on the other hand the best present I got as a child was the year my mother made Hopalong Cassidy Cowboy outfits for my brother and me right under our noses. She made the shirts with all this white embrodery on it on the yoke. All kinds of cowboy symbols. I also had a black skirt with white fringe. My brother had black jeans. Both of us had Hopalong Cassidy boots, hats, guns, Neckerchiefs with Hopy slides on them. Slung on ourbacks were Hoppy guitars . I have a picture of the two of us drawing down on each other that is one of my favorite pictures of my brother and I .

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