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 Posted: Tue Aug 15th, 2006 07:09 pm
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OK i may step on some toes here but here goes .. I severly doudt that there is any flag that is 100 % blame free , yes the CBF is associated with slavery given, but think for a minute  US cavalry men were riding under the US banner at Wounded Knee, and wont I even go into the Nazi flag , point being there is NO stainless banner but we live in a free nation and i think we have become to thin skinned , I have the freedom to fly the CBF and my KKK neighbor does also that is what America is all about , but we now live in a world of   i dont like what your doing you must conform to my way of thinking, as my grandfather would say "i've had worse scrapes on my eyeball" in other words toughen up and move on. Now i will jump off my soap box and retreat to the campfire.


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