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 Posted: Thu Dec 4th, 2008 06:21 pm
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Since I'm a teacher, I know where you're coming from, Susan and Den. My kids are junior high age, though, so it's not as obligatory to give your teacher a gift when you hit secondary school. Still, I've gotten my share. Most of them have been food, or things like homemade cookie mix. The last couple years I've gotten gift cards to Barnes and Noble, and Target, from parents who seemed to know their children took a lot of extra energy to teach! However, one of the best gifts I ever got from a student was a much-delayed one:

A couple years ago, in the week before Christmas, I was stopped by a local policeman because one of my tail lights was out. I, of course, wasn't aware of this--who sees their own tail light, at least with any clarity? Anyway, he didn't give me a ticket, but told me I had to get it fixed. So I drove right then and there to the local Ford dealership where we usually got our cars serviced. To my surprise, one of my former students--one of those "non-traditional", hands-on kids, which are the kids I tend to like and get along with--was working there as manager. We had a nice chat, and then he asked why I was there. I told him about being stopped by the police, which he got a chuckle at, and then he said,"Hang on a minute," and walked into the service area. He came out a minute later, asked me to open my car's trunk, and quickly replaced the bulb in the tail light. When I asked him how much, he said, "I owe it to you--Merry Christmas!" I know a bulb wasn't all that expensive, but that's one of those gifts where it was the thought that counted most.


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