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 Posted: Sat Dec 6th, 2008 05:43 pm
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Up top of the bluffs, first Barn Bluff as the view is increadible, then up Memorial as you can drive there and after the first hike a rest would be welcome. Then a drive to Ft Snelling. If there were ladies present I'd drop them at the Mall of America w/ a GPS system so I could find them a half day or so later.

My last home, Rock Island Arsenal and the CCCB park up top of the hill then probably the John Deere Pavillion w/ a final stop just up the street at the Viet restraunt.

Prior place of residence would have a first stop at Mrs. Wahn's Thai place then a drive to Columbia for a visit of the CS museum and the state museum. Then as dusk set in drive over next to the park that is next to the post office. Next morn head out to Charleston... Angel Oak, Patriot Point, Rainbow Row, The Blind Tiger/Four Corner Cafe, Ft Sumter etc.

Before that Bear Butte, FT Meade Museum, Original Road Kill Cafe for lunch , Harney Peak, Crazy Horse Monument, Mt Rushmore, Spearfish Canyon, The Latchstring for dinner. Then a conversation w/ Dave Bald Eagle and a real look at a Reservation.

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