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 Posted: Tue Aug 15th, 2006 08:08 pm
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Here is an interesting note to insert about what occurs beneath one flag or another.  Those that marched beneath the flag of the United States did not wholly march for the cause of liberating the slave.  Read McClellan's statements on slavery.  Lincoln's early political statements are certainly not unknown regarding his stand on slavery.  When looking at what a flag represents, you have to ask yourself, why were those people marching beneath that flag at that moment in history.  Now, I think just maybe that Shaara and the Turner film makers got a little out of control with the rhetoric.  But I tell you what, Jeff Daniel's line that the Army of the Potomac marched to set other men free is a crock of horse manure. 

Regarding the term Racism, you have to be a real retard to think that just because a man fought to free the slaves that he in any way thought there was some level of equality between him and a freedman.  It all comes down to a small group of radicals (on both sides) driving the moderate mass to extreme reactions.  But the men and women who rallied to, served under, and died for a banner did so because of the cause, not because of a political agenda.  So, the flag represents the ideals of those who died for it.  Racism was present in the South, that is not why they died beneath that flag.  Abolition was present in the North, that is not why they died beneath that flag. 

Unfortunately, after the the country was done hemhoraging, a small group of radicals decided to fly the CBF in the cause of racism.  It royally sucks that they have polluted the icon that way. 

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