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 Posted: Sat Dec 6th, 2008 10:42 pm
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Parkers Crossroads pushes my button. It was there that I was served the most inedible meal in my whole life. (There was time in Pennsylvania that I had a worse experience, but that ws many years ago.) We were truckin' on down from Donelson on the way to Corinth, and there was this restaurant where the were a bunch of trucks. (If the truckers stop there, it can't be all bad, can it?)

When you roll across Iowa or Minnesota, and you ask for a hot roast beef sandwich, you get roast beef, mashed potatoes and brown gravy on a slice or two of white bread. Standard fare. And a favorite. But there!!!! This was not a sliced roast, it had been canned. And the gravy. Don't ask.

I'd been immersed for years in the idea that suthern cooking was to die for. Clue: Eat before you head south. It took three days before we got drinkable coffee. The first cup was when CalCav offered to pour some of what he'd brewed in his office.

When NPS coffee is ambrosia, you're in the wrong state at the wrong time.

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