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 Posted: Tue Aug 15th, 2006 08:08 pm
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James Longstreet wrote: Slavery was already on the decline in the 60's, I hardly think it would have lasted into the twentieth century.  Brazil ended slavery somewhere in 1888, and the South was much more developed than Brazil.  And, if you'll recall, the North's war aim was not originally to free the slaves.  In fact, the Emancipation Proclamation was probably just a motive to keep Britain and France from coming to the South's aid.  And you can't really say most Northern soldiers were appalled by slavery.  I mean Lincoln was no Dr. King.  He was a man of his time.  In decline? There were 4 million slaves in 1860. Nearly 25% of families within slave states owned one or more slaves. (And I see you're trying to change the subject again in order to: 1. Make the north look bad. 2. Move the subject away from southern activities. 3. Both.)

"If I thought this war was about slavery, I'd resign and offer my sword to the other side."--U.S. Grant
Can you source this quote? I've seen it on many other sites (mostly neo-Con), and don't believe that it can be substantiated. Best guess is that it was made up by his political rivals in the 1870's.

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