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 Posted: Sun Dec 7th, 2008 01:33 pm
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Thanks to all for the best wishes on the test. Have to say Ed prepared a very fair exam. What a great coincidence, the guide test/my birthday weekend (today). For the last 4 years we've come over to DC to spend the weekend. So I got up at 5am yesterday drove up to GB for the test. Had some time before the test so drove around the wheatfield/stoney hill/peach orchard area at dawn. Probably the best views I've ever seen up there. Not a car or person in sight. Also the park service has cleared more trees in that area so one has a much better view than before. Actually saw 2 monuments which were on the test - Hamptons Battery, Irish Brigades. Irish was easy but had a little problem with figuring out whether it was Hamptons or Ricketts. Knew Hamptons was at the Peach Orchard, Ricketts at Cemetery Hill, so picked Hamptons because of the background. One I missed was the 2nd Mass. Look at it, no distinguishing features, etc. It's important because it's the first on the battlefield (think they're incorrect because the 1st Minn in the nat. cemetery was first, but I'm just being picky).

Around 130 of the 150 showed up on that bone freezing morning, 12 on my car thermometer. Many were there like me for the first time, some their second, third and I even met a guy there for the 4th time. What a great cross section of individuals - women (no disrespect intended), docs, dentists, professors, teachers, factory workers, etc. Don't think I had any problem with passing (a very rough guess would be in the 80-90% range). The problem is they take only the top 20 to move on to the tour test. That's where I 'm not that confident.

Actually enjoyed taking the test. Would reccommend it to anyone wishing to test their knowledge of Gettysburg, the civil war. My problem areas were other civil war battles, surprisingly all in the west, and authors of civil war books. The map section was easy, monuments fair. Had a little problem with when they asked to identify the 15-20 photographs of individuals. There were 3 essay questions (was told by the guides who monitored us that Ed only looks at the essays unless there's a tie for one of the 20 spots) One word of advice, which is repeated multiple times by GBLB guides, blogs, etc. - KNOW YOUR ORDER OF BATTLE, FORWARD - BACKWORD- UPSIDEDOWN. They say don't worry about the regimental level. I'm glad I ignored that advice.

Last nite I made a file of all the questions, monuments, etc that I could remember being on the test. Plan on taking it again in 2 yrs, if I don't move on. Will continue as long as it's fun.

Here's a sample question - the red circle is the badge worn by the CSA 1st Corp, 1st Div. True or False.

Doc C

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