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 Posted: Wed Dec 10th, 2008 04:32 pm
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The latest version of the Discussion Board has been installed. Some new features:

1) When you go into a topic (General Civil War Talk, Idle Chit-Chat, etc) you will now see a red dot on the left near some of the folder icons. This indicates you have posted within that thread.

2) Ignore function. Once you enter a specific thread you will see an "Ignore Member" button above each post. Clicking it will close all posts by that member. To "un-ignore" someone, click "Menu" at the top of a page, select "My Account", choose "Ignore" on the left and remove the person from your ignore list. Admins and moderators can not be ignored.

3) Add Friend. Above each post you will see "Add as Friend" button. Clicking it will add that person to your friends list inside your "My Account" area. This makes it possible to IM all your friends at once.

4) Inside each topic, near the top right you can rate a thread. See the below for an example

UltraBB Forums > Civil War Talk > General Civil War Talk > Brigade and Regimental "Nicknames"
I'm sure there's more, but I'm tired of typing right now...:P

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