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 Posted: Fri Dec 19th, 2008 06:45 pm
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One of the field trips we made during the Civil War Institute last year was to the Lincoln Cottage. Fascinating.

We made a trip there two years ago while the place was being renovated (and we couldn't get in, but only look through the windows). Then, last year, we went again just a month or two after the place was opened.

It's sparsely furnished, but in one or two rooms there are sections showing original plaster and lath work.

The cottage is situated on a hill, which is the reason the Lincolns (and several other presidents) used it to escape the humid Washington DC summers. There is national cemetery a block or two away, which Lincoln roamed, in contemplation by the deaths of soldiers.

The cottage, incidentally, is just a short ride from Fort Stevens, another landmark worth considering, even if it is now reduced to one city block.

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