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 Posted: Sat Dec 20th, 2008 12:26 am
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I happened to be home today and watched the president's press conference announcing the $17 billion bail-out loans for Chrysler and GM, though I'll admit I was only half-watching because, as a former public speaking teacher, everytime I watch Bush give a speech, regardless of topic, it just makes me wince. (Sorry--I digress.)Anyway, I liked the fact that there are stringent strings attached to the loans, but I wonder if any, like the March 31, 2009 deadline to show they can be profitable, will be enforced. That's not a comment on the new adminstration, who will be the ones to judge this, but a comment on government in general. Will the companies be held accountable, and if so how? I keep hearing our government officials say, "Well, we can't let them fail, it would be a terrible drag on our already compromised economy," but this IS capitalism, is it not? If not the banks, or the car companies, then whom SHOULD we let fail?

My grandfather used to have a saying that I think applies here: If you make it your policy to shoot horsethieves, you only have to shoot a couple before they get the general idea.

Just a bit of a rant. . .


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