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 Posted: Sat Dec 20th, 2008 12:59 am
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I saw that too about the banks. One of the "experts" said something like companies like Goldman Sachs needs to keep the best people in order to be profitable, which means giving big bonuses. I understand the logic, but I don't agree with it in this economy. . .which is probably why I'm not an employee at Goldman Sachs! (Not that they've asked!:))

The town I live in used to be a factory town, mostly clothing, and way back, cigars and caskets. The last large factory employer left about 10 years ago. Our country is becoming less and less reliant on factory jobs, although in auto country where the auto industry is the largest employer, it may not seem that way. If I worked a factory job of any kind, I think I'd be more than a little worried, union or not. If the job's not there, no union can save you.

FYI--I did hear on the news that the $75 an hour minus benefits, overtime and pensions is more like $45.  .  . still not bad, though.


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