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 Posted: Sat Dec 20th, 2008 02:58 am
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I AM torn, for one simple reason: the people who would get hurt by letting these banks and companies go under are NOT the people who should pay the price, literally and figuratively.

I'd like to sound all cut-and-dried and say, "They screwed up, let them fail," but the double-sidedness of this makes that impossible for me. I would even say that knowing that a worsening economy would affect me, too. I do feel that way, but as you so rightly pointed out, there are so many related businesses that would get caught in the domino effect of bankruptcy, and the little people would get crushed. Easy for me to say, "Well, sorry folks, but you should've known the company you worked for was in trouble, and found another job," but I am 2000 miles, and a world away, from Detroit. Not for me to say, no matter how much I begrudge handing my tax dollars over to guys who fly corporate jets to Washington to ask for a hand out.

The sadder thing about a bail-out is that I'm not sure in the long run it'll change anything. Past experience has shown the people who should learn a lesson from this won't--from the auto company bosses to the politicians.

And by the way, where is Ole and his two (or three or four) cents' worth??



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