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There are few things Howard did right at Gettysburg, but one of them was to position Von Steinwehr's division on Cemetery Hill as a reserve when the 11th Corps arrived on the field. This placement of men obviously was a stumbling block for Ewell later on July 1, not to mention the 40 or so artillery pieces that were also on the hill. That foresight might have been worthy of a Congressional citation.

After Reynolds was killed, Doubleday was the commander on the field until Howard arrived. Howard was still the senior commander when Hancock arrived, then had his feelings ruffled when Hancock told him that Meade wanted him (Hancock) in charge, if I remember correctly. (Good thing I'm not taking the LBG test, huh Doc C?)

If I recall correctly, Howard — unlike Barlow — actually tried to defend his Germans, but I'll have to get back to you on that one.

Howard, incidentally, was awarded a Medal of Honor in 1893 for bravery after losing his right arm in the Fair Oaks battle in 1862.

Sent to the western theater, he was also instrumental in the victory at Missionary Ridge, and later, he served as the right wing commander in Sherman's March to the Sea.

Howard was indeed the founder of Howard University.

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