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 Posted: Wed Dec 24th, 2008 01:52 am
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From another board:

I just got off the telephone with Shane and his father.

Here is the latest as of 13:50 hours 23, December, 2008:

Shane Christen is located at:
Gundersen Lutheran
1900 South Avenue
Room #3307
LaCrosse, Wisconsin 54601
Father Mr. Christen is with son; taking calls if necessary; 1-800-362-9567 ext. 3307
(Cards and letters ok--no flowers of any sort)
Injuries - Had to have surgery, under heavy pain medications, 2 broken arms, right leg, chest injuries (air bag, steering wheel) shoulder (seat belt). Father didn't want to say more; he is watching Shane like a hawk (medically also). Shane is in extreme pain and cannot talk but a minute before he has to stop.

Suffered facial fracture, concussion and should be released soon with other injuries not specified. She was taken to a separate hospital.

Children - Myra and Aubrey involved - Myra-Rul; is confined to bed with injuries; Aubrey in seat carrier minor scratch.

It may be more than 3 months for Shane to get back into any mobility. He was so (for a lack of better terms) emotional; knowing how many prayers are given and how many people expressed their caring and best wishes.

Potential problems - Mr. Christen (Shane's father) is not sure if either Shane or Bobbi have insurance to cover their inability to work. Shane is a US Air Force veteran so, isn't under active AF coverage. This may be an issue of financial hardship in the near future but, Mr. Christen said priority right now is recovery.

Accident happened on a down grade slope in poor weather conditions and a spot was bad enough to send the mini-van out of control and cross the double yellow.
Van is a total.

Now for all -- just prayers, send letters if you like (include screen name if you will) and or cards.

Note: The poor weather was ice and blowing snow causing occasional white-outs. Just about did one of those myself on Sunday. Drove what ordinarily is 75 miles (and the conditions were not, at that time, as bad as they were in northern Iowa at the same time.)

Those of you unfortunate to have not grown up in the northern plains may puzzle why they were out in that weather. Those of you who grew up on the plains and may still be there will understand that if you have to stay home in bad weather, you aren't going to go anywhere from November to April.

No doubt they were on the way to spend some time with his father who lives in Northern Iowa. This time, it didn't work out as they had planned. It happens.

The outpouring warmth, although he doesn't crave the attention, can't hurt.


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