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 Posted: Sun Dec 28th, 2008 11:01 pm
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Just now talked to Shane. Send cards and letters. Please do not call.

I was expecting the phone to be picked up by his dad or Bobbi, but was surprised that he answered. Apparently, he is not attended 24/7. He appreciates the calls and concern, but the simple act of picking up the phone was obviously agonizing. When I hung up, I was very sorry I called.

He still has two operations on tap for his leg and foot (the engine block crushed it, and there was a debate about just taking the whole thing off.). He has about 12 pounds of plate and screws and rods already installed with more to come. He is most grateful for the car seats his kids were in, and that Bobbi has been a functioning mother for some days now. And there was only one air bag -- his.

More details when I get them.



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