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 Posted: Wed Jan 7th, 2009 02:52 am
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Ladies and gents; good people you all are. You can have no idea what it hassssssssss meantnt to me to see the outpouring of support and prayers fromk you all. I am alive and a receiver of the finest gift imaginable for Christmas.

As you all know I was in a car accident 20 Dec. A car accident where paramedics and first responders police etc are in awe that noone wass killed. I hit a patch of ice and crossed the center line, it was a head on collision w/ my entire family in my mini van and 2 people in the oncoming. My daughter suffered a broken orbital and a "TBI" Traumatic brain injury (she's ok), my wife a mild concussion and severe bruising due to the seat belt, my son was unhurt becuase of the car seat. I suffered 6 broken bones beneath the right knee and both arms broken as well as a minor concussion for a total of 10 broken bones. There was some question on wether my leg was worth saving as the foot had been w/out Oxygen for a considerable time in fact today I discovered I have only three muscles fully operational below the knee sooo I have a long row to hoe before things will be back to normal. I was to go to a rehab ctr today but they rescheduled for tommorow.

I understand the two people in the other vehicle were also injured, one badly. My ambulance was ahead of hers on the way to the trauma unit. She has two broken legs and a broken arm; in some ways worse and others better. I don't know; what I do know is that all are alive and improving. As I understand it I am the only person still in hospital or otherwise away from home. And for that again I thank God.

My friends the Christmas gift I received was being 100% aware of everything after the accident; I knew where my family was, I had a good idea of their condition and most importantly I knew they were ok... or mostly so. I was the last pulled from either wreck courtesy of the jaws of life and a sawzall and it wasn't unil they got me out that i let the pain take me away. My family was ok; If the good lord had taken me then I would have been as ready as I ever have been. But the good Lord has a different plan for me.

If any of you reading this takes anything away from it let it be that every moment you spend with your family and loved ones is precious beyond belief; because it truly can be snapped away in an instant. God smiled on me and mine; I hope and pray he smiles on all of you.

Thank You All and God Bless you ALL.

BTW: I have addicted two nurses here to the study of the ACW. One to an interest in Clara Brton and nurses in general and the other seems inteeeeeeeeeeersded in all things ACW medical.

PS I apologize for my creative typing; ever see someone try to type w/ 2 broke arms, is very amusing I assure you.

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