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 Posted: Wed Aug 16th, 2006 04:31 pm
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I love getting auction catalogs for historical auctions. They're one of the best sources for rare, unpublished letters. I found this one this morning and found it fascinating (Calcav, you'll love this!). It describes the battle of Shiloh from the soldier's view. A little hard to read, but worth it:

“Pitchberge Landing (Pittsburg Landing) April the 10, 1862 Dere Sister. I take my pen in hand to inform you that I am Well at present all thediers and it we have it the most of the time. I have bin in one battal and I am sattisfide now. I got owt safte. Thommes was not in this fight, he was back with the Waggon
and he did not get up for a Week.

It was ahard fight todays. It commence on Sunday Morning the rebels come on owr men un expected they ware eting there
betfest. Own men had not time to form a line of Bittle be the rebels ware fireing on them. They was ablige to run back to other men some of the men got lost from there reagment and abut and lost. The fight was hard all day the rebels almoste drove our men in the river but the gunbots commence to play on them witch drove them back. I was not in the fight on Sonday.

 We was not there yet we was on the road. We herde the cannons a roreing.  We marched on fore this place. We did not get here til nerly morning. We go to Sorvanna about Mid-night. We then got on the boat and come up to this pace it was then nerly day light. Then we stude on the boat on till it was day light them we got of the boat the fireing had all commenced.

We march out an fought like men til we gain the day and med them
run. They fought hard and did it well. It was the hardest fight that has bin yet it was in the woods that was the reson it lasted so long it was abbil sight to see ded men and horses shought and cripple

It was and affet sight to see. You that me to helpe to pay for fathers coffin yorat you had my you take that dewfill and ellr priffert and got him and tell him that you wood like to have the money and take it pay on the coffin. I am very sorry that I did not get to father. Take good care of my nots if i don’t die I expect to come home soon and if I ever get back again I hope you and Elen Winul take good care of yor self. Thommas sends his best repect to you all, Jacob Bush”

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