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 Posted: Wed Jan 14th, 2009 02:08 pm
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I am as outraged as anyone. Please understand I am just trying to offer a possible explaination. Vandalism is very difficult to investigate. Judging from the published statements and the non-blurred photographs it is probably the work of juveniles.  If the style of graffiti, paint color, or statements and graphics, are simular to other incidents in the area that have some leads developed law enforcement may have requested coverage be minimalized in order not to discourage possible informants. Maximum media coverage could be counter productive.

Usually in these cases a participant braggs about the incident in front of a responsible peer who was not involved, or one of the participants concience gets the better of them.

The Emmitsburg Rd. vandalism received a lot of press, and to my knowledge it has not developed any concrete information. Perhaps this investigation is progressing on a different direction. 

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