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 Posted: Thu Jan 15th, 2009 02:36 am
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Doc, Hickory Farms may have changed in the many years since, but there was a time it was my regular holiday employment (many, many years ago). They were fanatical about expiration dates. At midnight of the it was gone. It was supposed to be gone into the garbage, but it was actually gone into my car. Had to buy a spare fridge to keep all the cheese in. You'd be surprised how long it lasts after the expiration date.

Best cheese I ever tasted (and I'm talking in England, Scotland, France, US, etc) was called Mont St. Benoit. Made by a bunch of monks in a monastery in Canada. I googled it and see that their still making it, but can't find anyone who will ship it to the US.

Forgive me, I wax poetically about cheese...:D

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