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 Posted: Mon Jan 19th, 2009 05:11 pm
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20th_Mass wrote: I believe all the inauguration balls and ceremonies are funded by private donations but I agree with you they have gotten out of hand.

It is true that the actual ceremony is funded by donations but it only covers part of the total cost.  It is said ( that Mr. Obama has raised more than $20 million from celebrities and others for the cost of official parties and other inaugural events not covered by public funds... but it does not cover the cost for overall security in and around DC or the clean up afterwards which is paid for by tax money. $15million in Federal funds have already been appropriated for this by the Bush administration and he has just declared that additional funds will have to be tapped from the Federal Emergency and Management Agency budget to supplement it.  I just think this money could be put to better use.  Sigh.

I really just hope everything goes well without any incidents by stupid people trying to make a statement and that no one gets hurt.

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