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 Posted: Thu Aug 17th, 2006 03:14 pm
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Great JD. Looking forward to it. I assume that you got the info I emailed this AM? This is a particularly special topic for me (as a Stuart biographer myself - although I took a religious approach) as through all of my research - this seems to be one of those recurring issues that screams for either a "guilty as charged" or some sort of vindication.

I'm sure you studied Lee's orders (pre-and post) closely as well as his recollections following the war. I was always bothered by his implications (of Stuart) in order to IMO, soften his own responsibilities (whatever percentage they were) in regards to the "disaster" at Gettysburg. I have also written much on Chancellorsville and it is VERY interesting to see how Stuart (and the ANV) followed up a magnificent performance at C'ville w/ one of the worst at G'burg. It leaves you scratching your head in some regards and I cannot wait to see yours (and Eric's) take on the matter.

As much as I enjoyed that scene in the film Gettysburg of Lee "scolding" J.E.B. and then refusing his resignation w/ words of encouragement - I'm sure that it didn't go down like that. Hats off to Martin Sheen and Joseph Fuqua though for making it look so darn "inspirational."

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