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 Posted: Thu Jan 22nd, 2009 02:37 am
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gettysburgerrn:I liked Gingrich's books (I din't tihink I would but hell I got them as a gift..).. I thought they started getting somewhat stretched towards the end

I am in total agreement, gettysburgerrn. However, I would go further than you by stating I ended up thoroughly intellectually insulted by its hypothesis near the end. Now, let me say that I have a degree of admiration for the author. Not to be political at all here, I disagree with many of the mans ideas, but I generally believe him to be one of the more brilliant individuals who influences policy in Washington. I spotted the opening book in his trilogy "gettysburg", at a bookstore and bought it to read on a trip I was taking. My reaction to the book was mixed, I believe it had a few interesting points, it was well written, and I could see where he rationalized the plot. Not to say I was in agreement with many of his assertions, but at least I could see where he was coming from. Suffice to say, it was downhill for me from then on.

I will not ruin any plot details for any who might want to read this series, but I will bring up one proposterous and insulting assertion made in the latter stages-that western federal soldiers were superior to their eastern counterparts. That idea, taken alone, would have been enough for me to dismiss the latter books, but taken along with the latters hypothesis (apart from the seize of washington, which was not really outlandish) of events following gettysburg-well, not so good.

Sorry, I realize that some on this thread are proponents of the series. That is fine, perhaps my language is too strong in condemning the series. Every one is different, "different strokes, for different folks" as it were. It could be that you might enjoy the read. It is alternate history, after all, and none can say with certainty that events might have unfolded as Gingrich summises. I can only say for myself, however, that I hated them-I hated them so very, very much. I finsihed reading them only because I had already bought the last two and felt compelled to "get my moneys worth" before trading them at a paperback exchange store.


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