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 Posted: Fri Jan 23rd, 2009 08:31 am
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I saw this pbs program and was amazed by the problem of the flag in Columbia.  The cemetery is Elmwood cemtery.  The flag pole was by the UDC platform where Confederate memorial day services were held .  The platform was in the middle of a part of the cemetery that has an arch with lettering that says Confederate cemetery.   This area is all Confederates except one lone Union grave right at the base of the platform.  

As I traveled though the South in front of many court houses I have seen the sam Confederate Soldier statue.  It has become a "where' waldo" for me to see if the Courthouse has the statue.  I don't see anything wrong with them.  Many Northern town courthouses have a Union soldier monument. 

Columbia has another interesting statue beside the Confederate soldier statue in front of the Capital building the one that is flying the Confederate flag that was removed from over the statehouse building.  Back behind the Statehouse is the biggest equistrian state I have seen in the South.  It is Wade Hampton former governor of South Carolina.  Oh yeah he was a General in the Civil War too by the way.  Soooooo How is he depicted there on the groups of the state house where he served as Governor?  As a General mounted on his horse , of course,  around the state are brass plates with the name of each battle he took part in.  Nothing about his Governorship.  Just over from this state is the African American history monument . 


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