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 Posted: Thu Aug 17th, 2006 04:13 pm
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Good comments Mike but I should have directed my question, I was hoping JD would comment on where he lies on the spectrum between Nesbitt's interpretation and Ward and Bowden.

I've always thought JEB gets a raw deal and tend to fall in line closer to Nesbitt.  I though Bill Ward and I were going to have to be seperated a few years ago when his book first came out, probably didn't help that I'm an Aggie and he's a teasip (Texas University and he was a football player for that place no less).

I've always thought JEB tried to follow the spirit of Lee's order had to make a quick decision, made a reasonable decision based on the information at hand and it ultimately turned out to be the wrong decision due to the friction of war (Bush W anyone?  How about them apples Javal ;)?).

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