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 Posted: Sun Jan 25th, 2009 09:16 pm
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That museum is absolutely a must.  You will get a chill when you look down at the cannons , carriages and the outline of the Monitor turret in their baths.  Then to actually walk on the deck of the fullsize mock up is amzing.  You realize how little space they really had .  How close the water line is to the deck.  How it must have sounded in the turret when those two Dalgrens fired. 

They have a mock up of the C.S.S.  Virginia too .  It is in a huge room with all the sounds playing.   Many relics that have been found are also on display. 

There is more to the museum than just that but I spent all my time on that side of the museum as that is why I went there.

I also got a map of the defenses around Richmond and did a driving tour to each one.  There are many earthworks still in existance around the outskirts of Richmond .  Cold Harbor is chilling , Malvern Hill not to be missed . Standing at the top of the hill looking down at field that the Confederates marched up.  I downloaded a tour on my ipod and listened to the description of the battle from the point the cannons are set on the hill.

Don't forget to see the Confederate Museum if you have not .  Also not Civil War but if you are a Poe fan go to the Poe Shrine in Richmond.  Among other things they have his trunk and the items inside that was found after his death.  Many manuscripts and other items are on display.  They ladies that run it are wonderful and give a great tour.

At Tredegar Iron works there is a new Civil War Museum I think you will really like.  It is done in a different way than most museums but done in a good way. I enjoyed roaming around it . 

That is just off the top of my head.  If you need more information about these sites pm me and I will give them to you or post them on here if you like.


Can you tell I love Richmond.
ops forgot Hollywood Cemetery and the monument to Gettysburg soldiers, Picketts grave, Jefferson Davis and family two presidents of the US , Jeb Stuart and many more.

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