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 Posted: Mon Jan 26th, 2009 02:16 pm
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Do stop in at Chimborazo .  It does have a small museum and a good film on what it was like there during the war.  Say hello to the Park service people.  The woman ranger whose name I cannot remember at the moment has some great stories.  Also say hello to Bobby Krick , son of Robert Krick and an author also. 

St. John's Church is right near Chimborazo although I guess as the Prvt says that may be a sore spot .  I also agree Monument  Avenue is a must .  Always fun though to try and get pictures as no place nearby to park and lots of traffic.  Oh and Arthur Ashe is way down at the end all by himself.   Maury is there too somewhere in the line I think near Jefferson Davis. 

Captain that is indeed Fort Moultrie as you proved with a picture taken of the same spot .  Fedreb that is too far south to come on your trip to visit there .  It is in Charleston Harbor area.

I want to come be your guide but long way acros USA to get to Richmond.

Have a great trip.


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