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 Posted: Mon Jan 26th, 2009 02:23 pm
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            Thank you for all that info, I will now spend the next couple of months before we leave to read up on all you have mentioned and work out the best way to use our limited time in the area so as to take in as much as we can.


            Thank you sir for that input. I have been to Fredericksburg and the Wilderness area a few years ago so will give that a miss this time. We are, as I said , limited to the time we can spend so unfortunately, as much as I'd like to, we will be unable to take up your kind offer to pick you up in NC to be our guide. Besides I'm not sure that we would understand each other, was it not you who said in a post on another thread, that we British speak English with a funny spelling ( or something like that anyway)

As for Patrick Henry, well I've been to Boston a few times and heard all about how " this is where we kicked the British ass." Maybe it wasn't so bad for us, our forebears were a bit arrogant in those days and probably deserved all they got.

Appreciate the help folks.

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