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 Posted: Mon Jan 26th, 2009 03:23 pm
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The plantations along the James River are not to be missed either, IMHO. 

My favorite is Shirley Plantaion, home of the Cater family.   Robert E. Lee's parents were married in the parlor.   The collection of ancestral silver has to be seen to believe it.   Seem at the beginning of the war the family neglected to send it to the bank in Richmond for safekeeping, and ended up burying it instead, thus saving it from being melted down when Richmond caught fire.

Other interesting stops are Harrison's Landing (ancestral home of 2 US presidents, and the site where "Taps" was compsed after the Seven Days Battles, as well as the site where the first Thanksgiving dinner was held in the New World.)

Sherwood Forest-home of the Tyler family( Pres. John Tyler), Berkley Hundred, built by William Byrd, and Colonial williamsburg, if you are so  inclined.

Can you tell I love Tidewater VA?


Regards, Jana

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