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 Posted: Tue Jan 27th, 2009 03:01 am
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Saw Defiance today. It turned out to be very good. Of course, each to his own taste. Just because I enjoyed it doesn't mean anyone else here will.

Daniel Craig, better known as the current James Bond, played Tuvia Bielski, a simple farmer in Poland, modern day Belarus. Liev Schreiver plays Zus Bielski, his brother and rival. There were two much younger brothers. They areall  thrown violently into the war as Hitler's soldiers round up Jews in the area, killing hundreds of them and throwing most in a huge pit.

The Bielski's flee to the woods and discover many other Jews have escaped there too. The movie shows how the large group of men, women and children had to struggle to survive under harsh conditions in the rugged woods. Social mores break down. Conflicts become physical and violent.

Tuvi and Zus, by dint of their strong characters, take over leadership of the refugees ruling with iron fists to keep order. Soon, however, they also argue over how Tuvia is managing matters and beat each other up. Zus leaves in disgust taking many men with him. They join forces with a Soviet partisan group that runs raids against the ruthless German occupiers. Eventually they clash with the anti-Semetic Soviet partisans and rejoin the rest of the refugees in the woods.

The movie shows the extreme conditions plagueing the Jews in the woods as they faced disease, starvation, freezing weather, and constant danger of German attacks.

This story, said to be a true depiction of events, kept my interest throughout.  I never ceased to be impressed with the strength of character of the Bielski brothers. They faced impossible odds against their survival, yet they carried on undaunted. Their story is an inspiration.

Daniel Craig is so good in this role, one completely forgets he ever could be James Bond. He is dirty, unshaven, disheveled and hardly recognizable in the wilderness.  I don't know why he wasn't nominated for an Oscar for this performance. He is truly excellent in the role.

This movie is tough to sit through. It is not light hearted entertainment. But it is worthwhile. If you can't see it in a theater, definitely catch it on DVD.



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