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 Posted: Tue Jan 27th, 2009 05:40 pm
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I know of no incident where Galvanized yanks fought CS troops. The Galvanized troops were all stationed at various forts in the west dealing w/ the Lakota, Dakota and other Native Americans. Desertion was a real problem, for both sides of the issue. Ever thought of walking from Ft Abercrombie (South of Fargo ND) to civilization? If the weather, Lakota or Dakota didn't get you the locals might.

I believe the title is: "A Year out west with the Yankee Army" (I may have the title all wrong but saw it at the gift shop in Ft Abercrombie IIRC) written by a galvanized yank on garrison duty on one of the countless forts facing the Lakota. His description of the 1864/65 winter is interesting.

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