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 Posted: Tue Jan 27th, 2009 10:07 pm
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Devils Den wrote: I believe the History Channel did a piece on Camp Douglas called "Eighty Acres of Hell"
Might hold you over until you get to the books!

That's actually a really good documentary...I DVR'd it a while back. 2 hours long and quite well done. I think I might choose dealing with the indians vs dying in wonderful camp Douglas.....Although winter in a tent in the Dakotas does not sound like any picnic.....coldest temp I've ever been exposed to for any length of time was -10 F. And that was working in a refrigerated food warehouse... but I got to go home and warm up in the morning...but then on the other hand over the summers I have enjoyed many 100+ days here in indian territory so it's probably a matter of acclimation.

bottom line: civil war era soldiers= some really tough folks!

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