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 Posted: Wed Jan 28th, 2009 03:24 pm
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samhood wrote: Brett:

Great to hear from you again. Your late, great Civil War Top 100 web sites feature and your book reviews were simply outstanding.

Have you had an opportunity to read my expose' on Sword's Hood essay in "Courage Under Fire" at ? Let me know what you think if you don't mind.

How Sword can sleep ay night is a mystery to me. He is compulsively obsessed with Hood to the point where he is sacrificing his own credibility and career in his Capt. Ahab-like obsession to destroy Hood's reputation. I suppose he is fully invested in his manufactured Hood-demonization so he is sticking to his guns, although at this point it's doing more damage to his own reputation than Hood's...IMHO. 



The Civil War Top 100 lives on, now maintained by Chris Wehner.  I'm also getting back into the swing of things with the book reviews after taking several months off after the birth of my son in November. 

I have not yet had an opportunity to read your thoughts on Sword's latest, but I'll defintely get to it here soon.  I also will be buying Courage Under Fire.  I smell another blog entry or two coming... 

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