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Gettysburg Superintendent John Latschar will remain in his current post,
reversing his decision to retire and become president of the Gettysburg
Foundation. Latschar made the decision following advice by Department of
the Interior ethics officials that would have severely curtailed his
ability to work with the park in his new role with the Foundation.

“When initially approached to consider heading the Gettysburg Foundation,
Superintendent John Latschar did what any responsible federal employee
should do,” said National Park Service Northeast Regional Director Dennis
R. Reidenbach. “He contacted National Park Service ethics officials, and he
also contacted me as his supervisor.”

When initially informed by the Washington office in October 2008 that there
was no ethical issue in accepting the position, Latschar announced his
retirement. Subsequently, Department of Interior ethics officials issued
supplemental guidance because of Latschar’s involvement in developing
agreements between the Foundation and the NPS.

"The Foundation obviously would have been honored to have John as its next
president," said Foundation President Robert C. Wilburn. "But we are
thrilled that he will continue to facilitate our successful partnership as
superintendent of Gettysburg National Military Park." A search committee to
find Wilburn’s successor is in place; Wilburn will postpone his departure
from the Foundation until a successor is named.

“I had been looking forward to the challenges of moving to the private
sector and working for the Gettysburg Foundation,” said Superintendent John
Latschar. “However, I can't complain about going back to the best job in
the National Park Service as Superintendent of Gettysburg NMP and
Eisenhower NHS. We'll now redouble our efforts to make our wonderful
partnership with the Gettysburg Foundation the best that the National Park
Service has ever seen.”

The Gettysburg Foundation’s loss is the National Park Service’s gain, and I
am happy that John chose to remain as superintendent,” said Reidenbach.
“The situation with the ethics guidance was unfortunate, but John Latschar
and the Gettysburg Foundation have always maintained the highest ethical
standards possible.”

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