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 Posted: Mon Feb 2nd, 2009 02:19 am
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There's about 11 minutes left in the game as I type this. This is one of the worst Superbowl's in at least a decade. The Steelers defense deserves kudos and the Arizona offensive line deserves to be fired en masse.

Arizona has the2 best receivers in the NFL, yet early on allowed themselves to be intimidated to the point that they tried hardly any passes longer than 10 yards. Add to that the worst Superbowl ads I've ever seen, and a team of over-officiating zebras and I'm totally disgusted.

I thought Arizona's offense would be dominant, yet I wanted the Steelers to win, so I should be happy, right? Nah. The game sucked. The ads sucked. The refs sucked.

The Makers Mark was good though....

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