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 Posted: Wed Feb 4th, 2009 05:52 am
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Born in the wrong century

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I love getting books that are discounted!

I finished another historical mystery -- one of the Sister Fidelma novels -- and decided to start tackling my non-fiction pile. At least, one of them.

For Christmas, my mother bought me a book called THE HARP AND THE EAGLE: IRISH-AMERICAN VOLUNTEERS AND THE UNION ARMY, 1861-1865 by susannah Ural Bruce. Mom knows of my love for things Irish, especially Irish + Civil War. Not sure if any of this has to do with KJ *hearting* Notre Dame! No, that's just silly. ;)

However, when I used to go to Gettysburg (don't travel like I used to), I always made a point of visiting the statue of Fr. Corby and discussing "our" team! :D

So anyhoodles, this is what I'm reading now. Can't really say much on how it is, as I'm only on the first chapter. If any of you can recommend other worthwhile reads on the Irish in the Civil War, would you post them here? I've got a few, such as Fr. Corby's memoirs, a couple of regimental histories as well, and love reading first hand accounts -- letters, diaries and memoirs (though the latter tend to be influenced by 20/20 hindsight and revised versions of history).

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