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 Posted: Mon Feb 9th, 2009 08:09 pm
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Wish I had seen that program. I can remember as a young woman reading about the book stalls in Paris along the Seine and wanting to shop them. Funny when I went to Paris finally I didn't do that very thing I had wished to do. Not enough time.

I have the same dream Fan. I dream of a library with a comfortable chair, an atlas stand, a dictionary stand for my unabridged Websters which now sits on the floor by where I read Yes I have accidently kicked it barefoot and it hurts. The walls would be lined with shelves so not only the Civil War books but the Western History medieval history and my mystery collection could be put in order .
sigh When I bought this house 30 years ago I used one bedroom as the library. Sadly it was out grown years ago and since I never had built in shelves made it is a hodge poge of bookcases including my childhood set and one from my mother's friends yard sale so many many years ago,. My goal is to reclaim that library room and fix it up . Excuse me as I step over this pile to go find another book to read.

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