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 Posted: Mon Feb 9th, 2009 08:35 pm
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Just joined the Paperback Book Club (as if I need more books). My first order is below:

THE SPICE AND HERB BIBLE, SECOND EDITION -Here's how weird we are. We have two bathrooms. One has a huge tub big enough for three people, which we never use because of the amount of hot water it takes to fill. The other has a regular tub. So we converted the big tub into an indoor herb garden. Laid in a plastic liner, added soil and fertilizer and hung a heat lamp over it. Presto - a bug-free, disease free herb garden (and the best smelling bathroom around  )

JAMES MADISON  - Made the mistake of ordering this before reading some of the reviews, many of which say it reads like a text book. We'll see.

AERIAL ATLAS OF THE HOLY LAND - Not a religious person by any means, but the history and sites of the lands intrique me.

WE INTERRUPT THIS BROADCAST - Nice looking book + CD's with recordings of news casts of important events of the 20th century.

HOW TO COOK EVERYTHING - I LOVE to cook. Everyone says if you could only have one cookbook, this is the one it should be. Almost 1,000 pages! Can't wait.

CENSORED 2009  - According to the blurb: "Beyond a media fixated on Joe the Plumber and lipstick on a pig, events that forever changed the lives of millions around the world went unnoticed, underreported and sometimes out-and-out ignored."

 I KNOW none of us have enough books!

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