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This answer is overly simplistic, but I would place the ANV's major obstacle to success in the Overland Campaign to be General US Grant himself. Grant was relentless, but early in the campaign his hell-bent-for-leather determination to succeed at all and any cost may have been underestimated and under appreciated by many in the ANV high command.  

Another factor mitigating against the ANV was that if one could call the Civil War a war of attrition, the weight of attrition was beginning to be felt by the South especially in terms of manpower. 

That said, Grant's army may have also underestimated the determination of Lee's army at least initially. So we had two very worthy foes willing and able to fight to the last man in order to end the conflict once and for all. That fact alone presented each side with considerable and costly obstacles to the success of the other.

This answer is, of course, an oversimplified answer to a campaign that faced complex issues as all major campaigns in the CW did.

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