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 Posted: Tue Feb 10th, 2009 07:33 pm
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I agree Pam.  Then there is the thrill of the search.  There is a certain book you have heard of .  It is hard to find .  Off you go either to bookstores or on line and search to find that book you have to own. 

There is a second hand bookstore near me that is a traditional one.  It is filled with books, boxes everywhere and piles down the aisles.  They have stools or chairs in various locations.  I go in and drag a chair to the Civil War section every so often and read the shelf.  I have found so many treasures there.  Their California history section is good too. 

I also found two volumes of O Henry Short stories that were gifts a company gave each year to customers.  They have the most beautiful woodcut prints in them.  I love O Henry stories and was looking for one story in particular.  I found more than that.  One is a post Civil War story that is a hoot and a half.  I forget the title right now but will look and post it.

When I travel I try to hit used bookstores in different places.  Sadly many of the old used bookstores that have piles are now duded up and too fancy for me (the other used bookstore in town) Prices go up when you fancy the store up. 

Which reminds me the best book on collecting books is Larry McMurtry book Walter Benjamin at the Dairy Queen.  I have given it to many friends who love books. 

Yes this is the guy that wrote Lonesome Dove but this little essay book is wonderful about reading and collecting books.


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