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 Posted: Wed Feb 11th, 2009 01:23 am
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CleburneFan wrote: This weekend, February 8, 2008, CBS Sunday Morning ran a segment about the many book stores, especially used book stores in Paris. It started with a man whose home and halls are lined with piles and piles of books, to the etxent that one can hardly pass among the piles.

It goes on to discuss the many people in Paris who specialize in collecting any and all books imaginable, even ones once considered worthless such as old dime novels. It seems that even though money can be made collecting and selling specialty books for what seems like obscene amounts of money if the right buyer can be found, the pople who choose this line of work share a trait in ocmmon. They are "biblio-maniacs." In simpler terms they are crazy about books even to the extent that they own far more books than they can hope to read. 

Suddenly I found myself learning about folks with whom I can relate. These are folks just like I am, with piles of beloved books. I can't bring myself to sell my books, but I do undertsand the love these people have.

I've given myself another name, however. I call myself a book pile-ist. (Not sure what the correct spelling of my new name might be.) While I do love my books, I usually hate my book piles and long for a large, cozy library lined with shelves where I can lovingly place my books  in some semblence of organization. But for now, the ever growing book plies remain.

It was fun to recognize versions of myself there in Paris plying their trade. I wonder how many rare Civil War books they have.

I believe Susan Sweet here has used the term bookaholic, another fitting term. There are a lot of us here at CWI. CBS Sunday Morning has shown how many more of us there are out there in the world.


all three of those words describe me to a tee. i have recently been doing a deep cleaning in my room and have been getting rid of tons of stuff to make room for more books. i actually have shelves in my room full of Lucille Ball dolls, and barbies, and some from the Grease movie and The Addams family. i packed every one of em up and put em in a tote, and put it in my closet so i could take some of the stacks of books off the floor and put em up there.

amazingly when going thru my books, i found that most of my books are history books.  i have exactly 20 nonfiction books,  which include the Harry Potter series (7 books) the Charlie Bone series (6 books) some of a series called Twiches (6 books, there are 11 all together) and the first book in the Twilight series.

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