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 Posted: Thu Feb 12th, 2009 04:10 am
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Pam you fit the profile of course you can join.  I was just talking to Marie on the phone and she wants to be a part too.  I think the onl requirement is over 100 books or more.  Can't be a real bilio maniac unless you have over 100 books I would think. At that that is a small collection. lol. 

I gave away many of my teaching books when I retired .  Now saying that you would not believe how many children's books I still have.  Some I just can't part with.  Especially the ones given to me by the children.  Somewhere along the line it became a tradition to sign the book and put a picture of yourself in the book.  The moms would help their child .  I had started by having the children  sign their name, and then I put their school picture in the book.  Soon the kids started having their mom help them sign the book and write something.  Then the moms took a picture and put it in the book.  One I love is the kid wrote" I give you this book."   

There was the one kid that gave me a copy of the newest Shel Sliverstein to ransom her own copy which I kept teasing I was going to keep.  She went home and had her mother buy a new copy and take her picture holding it .  It said Here is your own copy so I can get mine back.  lol.


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