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 Posted: Thu Aug 17th, 2006 09:13 pm
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To really put ourselves in the mind of the Seceding states, think about it in this way:  What if a liberal president and a liberal congress were imposing a law on the modern South which made gay marriage legal in all fifty states.  How would the conservative South react?  Now imagine that this somehow affected the South economically.  When you throw money and political beliefs in the mix, that's enough to start a war.  And though I am a stubborn Democrat, if there was an army marching towards my home state, I'd have to pick up a rifle.  I think this goes beyond politics, at least in the four latter states to secede. 

I think Southerners considered Yankees to be foreign; their way of life radically different.  Northerners spoke with strange accents, in a totally different region and culture, and were imposing laws that affected the South's way of life, and the South, being much less populous, could not really fight back in Congress.  Southerners felt fustrated and alienated.  So they decided to break free from what they considered a foreign, tyrannical power.  Still, this does not make slavery necessary, or morally right.  But it was a totally different time and a totally different way of thinking.  There were more racists in the north by sheer numbers.(Slave holders were not the only racists)  The deeper you dig, it seems like the more complicated the issue gets.

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