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 Posted: Sun Feb 15th, 2009 12:53 pm
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I'm gonna try to give you someting to think about.. I've benn reading alot on the battle of Chancellorsville and have also read the book Lost Triumph. Just to provoke some thought... Lee and Stonewall had a great understanding between them, as they met for the last time there was a lot of communication between them that was not spoken. Lee and Stonewall could visualize the others thoughts and ideas.(before any one getts the bright idea not ESP). Useing the battle at Chancellorsville, Lee used a tactic not unlike that of Gettysburg, dividing forces in the face of the enimey. Lee sent men to do jobs not knowing what the other hand was doing. As military history proves this can also be a bad thing too. Did Lee do the same thing here? who knows?
Yes I think the Union presence had alot to do with it, Tired horses, Men after 2 days of fighting, there are more than I can say.

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