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 Posted: Thu Aug 17th, 2006 09:22 pm
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Northerners spoke with strange accents, in a totally different region and culture, and were imposing laws that affected the South's way of life, and the South, being much less populous, could not really fight back in Congress.  Southerners felt fustrated and alienated.  So they decided to break free from what they considered a foreign, tyrannical power. 
 Longstreet, on what do you base these claims? Of the 15 presidents that proceeded Mr. Lincoln 10 of them were southern. Of the 5 northerners, Adams, Adams, Van Buren, Fillmore and Pierce (though Buchanan was born in PA he claimed VA as home), Fillmore and Pierce were definetly pro-southern in the legislation and compromises they pushed. If they controlled the White House (and congress) through 12 of 15 administrations how could southerners possibly see the government, which they controlled for the majority of the country's existence, as a foreign, tyrannical power?

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